Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is Universal Plan B Legal?
A:  Universal Plan B is legal, we adhere to the laws for home based businesses. We use the direct sales method with a 3x4 compensation plan.  Payments are made directly from one member to the other when sales are made.

Q:  Do we receive an email after registration?
A:  Yes, as long as you provide a valid email address.  You should check your spam as well.  

Q:  Does Universal Plan B offer products?
  Yes. UPB provides quality products which are found in the members back office. 

Q:  How do we send payment for purchases?
A:  Each Member will indicate in their back office how they would like to receive their payments. If a member does not have their payment options displayed, you may contact them directly or send us a support ticket and we will contact that person.

Q:  How and when do I receive payment for my sales?
When you sign up you will indicate in your back office how you would like to receive payment, the person sending the payment will see your payment options. Payments are made immediately.

Q:  Is Universal Plan B gifting?
No, ‘gifting’ programs have no products.  Members in UPB sell products and get paid directly. 

Q:  Does Universal Plan B send us a 1099?
  No…Affiliates are Independent Contractors, you are solely responsible for reporting and paying taxes from any payments received, where applicable.  Since we are worldwide and the reporting varies depending on the country, we do not report to any of the tax reporting agencies.  If you have questions or concerns regarding payments you may receive, you should discuss this with your tax accountant or attorney.  

Q:  Do we receive our own websites?
A:  Yes.  You will have your own referral links.

Q:  From which countries can members join?
A:  Our opportunity is global, however, we are restricted to doing business in certain countries, a list of which can be found on the site below:   

Q:  Do I need to Upgrade?
A:  If you would like to qualify for commissions from each stage as sales are made, you must upgrade. This maximizes your earnings. Your ultimate goal is to receive commissions from all 4 Stages.  

Q:  When and how do I Upgrade?
A:  After you have made your Stage 1 sales you are ready to upgrade.  You will login into your member’s back office, look for the Upgrade button and click on it, then you follow the steps.  

Q:  Can I bypass my referrer to a higher Stage?
A:  Yes you can, but we would suggest, out of courtesy, that you contact the person and give them the chance to upgrade before you do so.  There will be a period of time in which they would have to do so.

Q:  Can I have multiple accounts?
A:  Yes, but they are conditions.  The maximum number of accounts allowed per member is 4 (four), but they cannot be purchased all the same time. As you progress through the stages, you may make a Stage 1 repurchase at every stage through to Stage 4. You may use the same email address but different usernames. Repurchase is not mandatory, it is an option.  You may not use another email address to open more accounts.

Q:  Do you have a policy on stacking of members?
Yes, there is no stacking allowed. Everyone must respect their lineage and be fair to their referrer.

Q:  How much money can a member make?
The potential is unlimited, however, we cannot project how much you will make.  It depends on you, the time and effort you put into marketing the products.

Q:  When can I start promoting?
A:  Start promoting immediately after you join and have made your initial purchase.

Q:  Can a member request a refund? 
A:  Sales are final, there can be no refunds.

Q:  Are there any fees?
There are no fees associated with Universal Plan B. 

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